The Material

We pride ourselves on quality work, and a huge part of quality comes from the materials used. When it comes to comparing products or services, be sure to understand exactly what is being offered – because you do get exactly what you pay for.

Our banners all feature a heavy 13 ounce vinyl material using a 1000×1000 denier (that’s shop talk for ‘tear strength’ ). Our banners are strong, able to withstand most winds without the need for wind slits, can be reused for years, cleanable, and blocks even bright sunlight if the banner is hung without a backing.

The grommets used are a heavy grade nickel, so no rusting and we’ve never had one tear out even in the high winds that this area of the country gets on an almost daily basis.

All of our banners are hemmed. Hemmed banners hang better, even more resistant to tearing than the material alone provides, and give the grommets or pole pockets a better anchor.


The Options

Grommets or Pole Pockets. Most of the time, grommets are what people expect and want. It’s the default option chosen. Sometimes, though, banners are mounted on a long pole. They can either be hung from the pole (top pole pocket) or the pole can go in the bottom to ensure no buckling of the sign (bottom pole pocket) over long term display. Occasionally, a banner intended for very long term display is mounted on poles top and bottom. We will provide a 2″ pole pocket, large enough to work with a 1″ diameter pole or rod, at no additional cost. Just tell us what you want and we’ll do it. If you have a pole or rod larger than 1″ diameter, email or call us with your requirements.

Double Sided. Sometimes banners are hung in such a way that traffic can see both sides of the banner. In this case, it’s advisable to get a double sided banner. Our blackout banner material is available in 14 ounce (normal) or 18 ounce (to go across a street or other heavy duty requirement) and is actually printed on both sides. We do not sew two different banners together and call it double sided. This ensures the banners still look great, and store as easily as a single-sided banner.


The Sizes

We can create banners is pretty much any size between 1’x1′ and 4’x30′. For online, we have created a series of scales in which the artwork created fits one of those scales — allowing the artwork to be smoothly sized to fit your choice without any distortion of the artwork that you have selected. That said, we can most definitely create any artwork in any size – just call us at 805 – 904 – 6700 or email us at sales @ to place your order. Below are the various “scales” that our banners are broken into. Again, we can create any size you need.

Banner Set A


Banner Set B


Banner Set C


Banner Set D


Banner Set E


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