Artwork Requirements

Artwork Services

We do offer in-house artwork services to help you create the perfect sign. We can take your provided logo and go from there, springboard off an existing design, or start from a blank canvas. Digital proofs are provided and when final approval is given, production begins. Our design team is available at a rate of $25 per hour, prorated to thirty minutes increments.

Artwork Supplied

Printed output has a resolution of 720 DPI. All files are printed in CMYK as a JPEG file. When designing the artwork, create it at 100% of the size of the desired banner or sign. We will add margins prior to printing. We accept JPEG, EPS, TIFF and PDF files. We can accept AI, CDR and PSD files as well – just make sure that all text is converted to curves or rasterized to ensure no font substitutions when we open the file.

Email artwork to Artwork @

Photographs and Clipart

We try very hard to be conscientious about copyrights. Any image or photo seen on this site is either artwork that was purchased for use as stock imagery or was released by the artwork owner for use in the sign as pictured. Any customer supplied artwork is NOT available for use in a custom design. If you do supply your own photographs to be used, please include a signed copy of the Photograph Use Release form. No artwork supplied will be used beyond the parameters of the individual job it was supplied for, though it may be used for marketing purposes only.